Primobolan 100mg/amp.(10amp.) Ferring Pharmaceuticals View larger

Primobolan 100mg/amp.(10amp.) Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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active_substance1.png Active substance Methenolone Enanthate
chemical_names.png Chemical names 17beta-Hydroxy-l-methyl-5alpha-androst-l-en-3-one, l-methyl-l (5-alpha)-androsten-3-one-17b-ol
effective_dose_for_men.png Dose for men 300-600mg/week
effective_dose_for_women.png Dose for women 100mg/week
active_life.png Active life 10-14 days
detection_time.png Detection time 4-5 weeks
contents.png Contents 100mg/ml Methenolone enanthate (10x1ml amp)

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Primobolan gains in muscle mass are relatively permanent. It is almost harmless to the liver. It does not aromatize, sometimes mentions the occurrence of mild acne, does not cause a significant increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels remain normal. With long-term use, it slightly affects the production of your own testosterone. The enhancement of hair and hair growth is also mentioned, but this substance is a derivative of DHT, so with a certain genetic predisposition it causes excessive hair loss. It is one of the safest injectable forms of steroids. Compared to the tablet form, it retains significantly higher% of water. It has a longer period of effectiveness, its half-life is 10.5 days. It is applied once every 5 - 7 days in doses in men from 400 - 1000 mg per week and in women from 50 to 100 mg per week. It should be taken from 10 to 12 weeks for its full use. The detection period is 4 - 5 weeks. Methenolone or Primobolan is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which is very popular among bodybuilders (and especially in women, due to its low androgenic effects). It is a mildly anabolic, low androgenic steroid. It binds well to androgen receptors and therefore belongs to the so-called class I. It was first described in 1960 and has maintained a fairly stable popularity for its minimal side effects. It is often combined with other steroids, such as nandrolone and testosterone in the volume cycle and stanozolol and testosterone in the drawing cycle. It is one of the few steroids that is effective even on a low calorie diet. The increases in strength and volume are not dramatic, but after a long time they are very high quality and basically permanent. However, a significant disadvantage is the high price. Methenolone is produced in both injectable and oral (tablet) versions. Unlike other steroids, tablets are not alkylated. Methenolone is alkylated on carbon 1, which increases its stability in the passage through the liver, and there is a double bond between carbon 1 and 2, which enhances the anabolic effect.

Side effects:

Side effects are rare, even at high doses. This substance does not flavor and is not toxic. Because the oral form is not alkylated, it does not damage the liver (at least in conventional doses). Surprisingly, some users complain of hair loss. In this context, it is worth noting that injectable methenolone is often falsified and in fact often contains cheap testosterone esters. There is no need to worry about significant losses after the treatment, so there is no need to use substances to stimulate testosterone production. Women take this substance very often because it is one of the few steroids they can experiment with.


Because the oral form is not alkylated and is twice as effective as injections, tablet doses must be high. The usual dose is 2-6 tablets (100-300 mg) a day in 2-3 doses or a 200-400 mg injection version per week. A reasonable dosage of the oral form is up to 1000 mg per week. Women should not exceed 30 mg daily doses. Even such a low dosage can cause irreversible virilization problems (e.g., voice thickening), so it is better to start on 1 tablet twice a day.