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Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg/amp.(10amp.) Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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active_substance1.png Active substance Nandrolone Decanoate
chemical_names.png Chemical names 19-norandrost-4-en-3-one-17beta-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-estr-4-en-3-one
effective_dose_for_men.png Dose for men 200-600mg/week
effective_dose_for_women.png Dose for women not recommended
active_life.png Active life 15 days
detection_time.png Detection time up to 18 months
contents.png Contents 250mg/ml Nandrolone Decanoate  (10x1ml amp)

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Nandrolone is considered a very safe steroid and with its ratio of anabolism and side effects it can even be described as the best steroid ever made. Its unique chemical properties also contribute to this: in tissues, 5-alpha reductase does not convert it to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), as is common with testosterone and some other steroids, but to nordihydrotestosterone (norDHT), which is much less androgenic than DHT. and testosterone. Nandrolone is therefore an ideal choice for those who do not want to lose their hair or suffer from prostate problems while taking steroids. However, concomitant use of finasteride (Propecia) against hair loss leads to an unpleasant paradox. Finasteride prevents the conversion of nandrolone to norDHT and Deca hits the hair follicles with full force. Unfortunately, this chemical process doesn't just work on paper and is repeatedly confirmed by dozens of not-so-surprised practitioners. - Aromatization of nandrolone is weak at normal dosing (200-400 mg); it occurs only in high doses, but not in amounts that are common with testosterone or other highly androgenic steroids. However, nandrolone acts more than a progestin, ie it supports the activity of the female hormone progesterone. Therefore, gynecomastia at high doses can be a big problem, as antiaromatases do not work in this case. There is speculation that it may be advantageous to combine nandrolone with stanozolol, which occupies progesterone receptors. (However, it is a fact that the mode of action of nandrolone is still under discussion.) In addition, the nandrolone-stanozolol cycle is doubly advantageous because nandrolone should be able to suppress stanozolol-induced joint pain. - Although nandrolone does not have problems with elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, there may be a partial reduction in the concentration of "good" HDL cholesterol. This is due to the fact that nandrolone is not able to be largely flavored and thus estrogens cannot act as a natural "protector" of blood cholesterol. - One of the few flaws in the beauty of nandrolone is its penetrating (practically 100%) effect in suppressing the production of body testosterone. This can lead to temporary impotence (so-called "decadick") in many men - especially after the treatment. For this reason, bodybuilders avoid using nandrolone alone and combine it with testosterone. Due to the considerable decision of the body's hormones, mild acne can be expected after the treatment. Detection issues: - It should be noted that metabolites of this steroid may be detected in the urine one year after its use. Deca is therefore the worst choice for those who do not want to be tested positively. It is known that some individuals were caught half a year after the last use. This fact is of course very unpleasant for top athletes. Thus, nandrolone is known as the steroid with the highest number of positive doping findings. - It is detected in the urine of athletes according to the presence of its metabolite 19-norandrosterone. In recent years, however, frequent cases of doping findings related to this substance have raised doubts about the quality of doping tests. It is hard to believe that such a series of athletes would take a steroid famous for its detection time. Some of these findings can be attributed to the use of counterfeit steroids from unreliable sources, but recent studies have suggested that they may be related to contaminated sports supplements. Although orally administered nandrolone leaves no trace, according to the above research, the use of nandrolone-contaminated supplements - but allegedly only in conjunction with intense sports training - may cause 19-norandrosterone to occur in the urine. Ester rate: - Of course, different nandrolone esters work for different lengths of time. Phenylpropionate is active for several days, cypionate for 2 weeks, decanoate for about 3-4 weeks, Anadur and Laurabolin for about 4 weeks. However, practical pharmacokinetic tests show that high blood concentrations of decanoate are not stably maintained for much longer than 10 days. Therefore, decanoate is applied at weekly intervals. Because the effect of decanoate comes relatively late, after 2-4 weeks of use, it is often combined with other, faster-acting steroids. Anabolic effects: - Deca is anti-inflammatory, improves collagen synthesis. - In bodybuilding, nandrolone can be used effectively in both volume and drawing cycles. It produces a good volume of mass and force. It is also famous for its ability to heal injuries to joints and tendons. Athletes say it helps with pain in the shoulders, knees or elbows. It also dramatically improves nitrogen retention and regeneration. - Due to its positive properties, nandrolone is currently used in medicine, for example in AIDS patients. It has been shown to not only gain weight, but also to strengthen the immune system. A combination of: - Nandrolone is the king of all steroid compounds. Athletes combine it with almost every drug with positive results. It is the best steroid ever combined with other types. - Nandrolone works very well in combination with Dianabol, oxymetholone, testosterone, etc. to create massive muscle growth. The famous combination of nandrolone / dianabol usually results in rapid and significant gains in muscle mass. Most athletes usually take 15-40 mg of Dianabol daily and 200-400 mg of nandrolone per week (see Methandrostenolone). Studies have shown that the combination of nandrolone / Dianabol increases liver enzymes, but returns to normal after stopping Dianabol. Even faster results can be achieved with a combination of 400 mg nandrolone per week and 500 mg Sustanon 250 per week. Athletes report enormous gains in strength and volume when 400 mg of nandrolone and 500 mg of Sustanon per week are combined with 30 mg of Dianabol daily. In this case, however, these are already quite strong doses, which are definitely not for beginners. - Although Nandrolone is not the optimal steroid for pre-competition (due to its long detection time), many athletes successfully use it at a dose of 400 mg per week together with 50 mg Winstrol per day, 225 mg Parabolan per week and 25 mg Oxandrolone per day. It can also be taken with substances such as Anavar, Masteron, Parabolan, Primobolan, etc., if the goal is to gain quality muscle that will last longer and work harder, as this will avoid water retention associated with Dianabol and testosterone. Dosage: Its half-life is 14 days and the detection period is 18 months. When using nandrolone, account must be taken of the fact that the ester forms a substantial part of the weight of the steroid. (For example, phenylpropionate 33% and decaonate 36%.) Thus, the dosage is higher than with oral steroids. It is usually between 400-600 mg per week (corresponding to 57-86 mg / day). For beginners, often only 200-300 mg per week is sufficient. Doses above 600 mg per week are completely pointless, as they no longer have an adequate effect and, conversely, increase the risk of side effects. It should also be borne in mind that the effects of nandrolone are not fast and bombastic. For decanoate, the first results may appear after 1 month of use. In order to achieve a strong effect, at least a two-month, but better 3-4-month treatment is necessary. Phenylpropionate acts about twice as fast as decanoate, but due to the fact that it requires frequent application (every 2-3 days) and its legally produced generics are poorly concentrated, phenylpropionate is a little-liked steroid. - Women take this substance only in very small doses (50 mg per week). At doses up to 100 mg per week, they usually do not notice any major problems, but this may not be the case for longer doses. At higher doses, androgenic symptoms such as irreversible thickening of the voice, increased hair growth, acne, increased libido and increased clitoris may occur. Women who have problems with doses around 50 mg per week may take faster-acting phenylpropionate. There is then no androgen concentration. Usually, a dose of 50 mg nandrolone per week is combined with 10 mg Anavar per day. Combination with other mild steroids, stanozolol and methenolone, is also suitable. - Scientific studies indicate that the most ideal dose of nandrolone decanoate is 3-4 mg per kg body weight, in terms of anabolic effect along with mild side effects. A dose below 200 mg per week causes only very slight increases, however, this dose should be enough for a novice. More experienced spreaders should increase the dose to 400mg per week. - A very suitable AAS in combination for use with a child is TST together with methandienone. The same doses of TST and Nandrolone + 30 to 50mg of methandienone per day represent a great volume cure, also quite substantial increases in strength training after workout. - At a dose of 3 to 4 mg per 1 kg body weight, there are mild side effects, the most common is increased blood pressure, also the use of nandrolone causes the blood to be thinner, ie less clotting, due to frequent nosebleeds. - When taking nandrolone, it is important to note that it has a relatively strong effect on reducing the production of TST itself, which means that it is ideal to take TST at the same time during treatment with nandrolone, in order to ensure normal sexual function during the treatment. After the treatment, it is then, of course, necessary to deploy proper PCT to resume the formation of one's own TST. - Importantly, when using nandrolone it is necessary to pay attention to aromatization, it tastes quite strongly and as I mentioned in some articles on the forum, nandrolone increases the level of prolactin but also the level of estrogen, which means a strong combination for gynecomastia. . letrozole alone or tamoxifen may not be effective against cycle aromatization at all. It would be best to take tamoxifen with cabergoline (a prolactin inhibitor) or arimidex or letrozole with cabergoline.

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