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How to buy anabolic steroids and not be fooled

I have been in professional bodybuilding for almost twenty years. Over the years, I have met many dealers of anabolic steroids and the truth is that the vast majority do not know what they are selling. They don't lose money on expensive tests, they just want to make money fast. I will not write about how it works on the street or in the gym, I will advise you how to shop online.

Start in the browser by simply typing the words "buy steroids online" and you will find hundreds of e-shops that guarantee you the best quality. Of course, many of them are scammers or they just don't know that their products are really bad. This is due to the fact that these online dealers are often just "dropshippers", which means that they have never seen the products they sell. They have suppliers who send products for them and often do not even know each other. Sooner or later, one of them will begin to decieve and the customer is the one who pays for it. Wondering how to find out which e-shop is right for me? Unfortunately, you have to try until you find the right one. I can only advise you on how to minimize that risk. Here are some tips on how to avoid scammers.

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1. Don't buy anabolic steroids from e-shops that offer products from many manufacturers.
Believe me when I tell you that most of these manufacturers no longer exist because they have been busted and their factories are closed pernamently. The second case is that they sell products from official manufacturers such as Bayer, Phizer, Balkan Pharma, Vermodje or others. It is almost impossible to have these products in such quantities, these factories are strictly controlled and the products are marked with a serial number, the loss of these goods is almost none. For example, I will make one reasonable argument. Most of these e-shops offer Viagra by Phizer for the price of 20-30 EUR per 4x100mg. But the real price in the pharmacy set by the manufacturer is around 50 EUR! Ask yourself how it is possible :) And it's the same with anabolics and steroids. It is true that these products sold at these e-shops are often produced in unsanitary conditions with poor quality chemicals and are only marked with labels of these producers. Yes, it's true, unfortunately.
2. Don't rely on e-shops that are among the first in your browser.
They are just SEO professionals and they know how to get there. I'm not saying that everyone is a scammer, only that google position is no guarantee of quality in this business.
3. Don't rely on reviews.
During the week of the week, I will create hundreds of positive reviews from different countries on different platforms such as trustpilot and others. And it is not that difficult.
4. Notice the communication, the willingness to help the customer.
5. Be careful when paying.
The safest is wire transfer, avoid paying by credit card, they can not get to your data. Paypal is also good, but it is often blocked soon. Just one note about what you are buying and it's over. Bitcoin payment is 50/50, somewhere in the middle.
Now I will give you tips on which e-shops can be the right ones.
1. Good dealer of Anabolic Steroids care about quality. Some of them send their products for laboratory tests, where they find out the exact amount of active substance and microbilogical purity. Therefore, they offer only one or two brands that they have already tested or verified. By the way single laboratory test costs a few hundred euros.
2. They do not ask for credit card data. Never. Most often they accept payments via Wire transfer.
3. They are willing to communicate and help the customer. They will help you set up a steroid cycle or guide you to use steroids properly.
4. Buy from us :) All our products are tested by independent laboratories and by me personally. The choice is yours. There is nothing left but to wish you good luck. And be careful with the use of steroids, with their huge potential comes a great risk as well. But I will not give them up personally :) 
Thomas, one of the biggest fans of anabolic steroids :)